Patio Baby Eggplant

Solanum melongena

Growing Zone
  • Height:        10-24″
  • Width:         18-22″
  • Spacing:    18-24″
  • Design Role:

  • Location : Full Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Fertilizer:  Average
  • Growth Habit: Bush




Ideal for containers but right at home in any garden, this thornless, compact variety provides incomparable early and sustained yields of 2-3 inch long, egg-shaped fruit on plants no taller than 24 inches. The almost-black fruit are deliciously mild with less bitterness than comparable varieties, helping to garner All America Selections honors. The All-America Selection judges love Patio Baby for its compact habit, its quick finish, and its great productivity. This is a plant you’ll never have to stake, and it’s simply covered in fruit all summer long. Spring brings small, attractive pale lavender blooms as well, just for another season of beauty! Even those who aren’t crazy about eggplants will thrill to the mild, rich flavor of this 2014 All-America Selection winner. The fruit is ready in less than 7 weeks from transplanting the seedlings in spring. Just 2 to 3 inches in diameter, they are a glossy purple so dark it looks black. And they arise on thornless stems, so you don’t have to wear gloves to pick them! As soon as you harvest one, another begins growing to take its place. So easy, so productive, so delicious! Eggplants in pretty tubs on the patio, or marching up the front steps in terracotta pots? With Patio Baby, it’s so easy! This natural dwarf plant sets fruit all summer long — an astonishing 25 to 50 eggplants per plant! — that you pick when it’s just a few inches in diameter, tender and succulent. If you love cooking with baby eggplants but can never get enough from full-sized plants — or if you’re looking to grow more of your vegetable garden in containers — Patio Baby is the one for you! Unique, high-yielding variety produces baby-size fruit on compact plants. Works well in garden beds or containers. This King Arthur type has better disease resistancea nd more compact and open growing habit. Get a jump onn the season with large, early, green- to red peppers. Big blocky, thick walled. Fruity and sweet.