Little Fingers Eggplant

Solanum melongena

Growing Zone
  • Height:        18-24″
  • Width:         18-24″
  • Spacing:     30-36″
  • Design Role:

  • Location : Full Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Fertilizer:  Average
  • Growth Habit: Bush




Little Fingers grow in clusters that almost look like hands. They grow in clusters of 3-5 purple, slim fruits. You can start harvesting when they are only as big as your finger or let them get bigger. Either way they will taste mild and sweet. Very productive. Great in stir fry or grilled. These little eggplants are unique in that they grow in clusters of 3 or more slim fruit, and can be harvested when no longer than your little finger. However, you can also let them grow longer at no sacrifice to their mild, sweet taste. Dark purple fruit is produced in abundance, and is delicious stir-fried, grilled, or even pickled. 68 days. Small, purple-black fruits are produced in clusters on sturdy, compact plants. The blunt-ended fruits may be harvested when finger-sized, but may also be allowed to grow larger with no sacrifice of their mild, sweet taste and tender texture.Thick walls and turn from green to purple when mature.This is the best open pollinated oriental eggplant available. Heavy yields of nearly straight fruits are 4 – 5” long by 1 – 2” wide, set in clusters of 3 – 6. The creamy white interior offers a smooth taste and few seeds. Tender, thin skins do not require peeling or salting before cooking. Grill whole.