Vates Dwarf Blue Kale

Brassica oleracea acephala

Growing Zones 3-9
  • Height: 12-16″
  • Width: 10-12″
  • Spacing:  24-30″
  • Days to Maturation:  55 Days
  • Location: Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Water:  Average





Vates Blue Curled, a Scottish dwarf type of kale, is one of the most dependable and flavourful varieties. The narrow leaflets are blue-green and finely curled. Vates Blue Curled is tolerant of both cold and hot temperature extremes making it a great year round performer. Slow to bolt and withstands yellowing in cold weather. Easy to grow, vigorous, nutritious, resistant to cold, easy to harvest and prepare. The leaves have a zesty flavor and are delicious when steamed. Use in salad or as a garnish. Vates Blue Curled makes a great addition to your home garden greens collection. It is tender and sweet after a light frost. One of the most attractive of all vegetables in the fall garden.  Low, compact plants with finely curled, bluish-green leaves. Usually stands winter weather with some protection. Good cooked or fresh in salads. Grows best in cool weather. Can be grown as a spring or fall crop. Very cold tolerant “Vate”‘ is the most dependable variety of kale in the Mid-Atlantic region, and one of the more flavorful varieties. Planted in the spring it is heat-resistant and slow bolting. When wintered over in the fall, it resists yellowing, and is winter hardy. Use as a garnish or steam the greens, especially after a frost when the greens become sweeter. Plants are sturdy and compact with deep-green, finely curled leaves.