Mountain Spring Tomato


Growing Zones  9-11
  • Height:          36-48″
  • Width:           24-36″
  • Spacing:       24-36″
  • Design:        
  • Bloom Time: Spring to Summer
  • Location: Full sun
  • Water:  Average-consistent
  • Habit: Bush



Bright red and are firm and resist blossom end rot. 72 Days
(VFF) Appreciated for its superb fruits with good firmness that are particularly resistant to cracking and blossom end-rot.Mountain spring tomato plants often give gardeners their first taste of fresh, tasty fruits in mid-summer. As a medium-early tomato, mountain spring plants thrive in almost any garden as long they receive plenty of sunlight and frost-free days. Ripening in just 65 to 75 days from the date of planting, the deep red, mild, crack-resistant fruits taste great fresh, canned or cooked.

Dandelions are another good plant to have in your tomato patch believe it or not. Tomatoes are susceptible to fusarium wilt, which is a soil borne fungal disease and dandelions can help keep this in check.Plant tomatoes along side of radishes, spinach, lettuce and turnips to help shade them from the hot sun. Though there is some debate, cabbage and cauliflower may benefit from having tomatoes close because they discourage flea beetles from nibbling. Some sources will contend that planting cabbage with tomatoes will hinder the growth of the tomatoes. Most gardening requires some trial and error to figure out what works best for your environment. Tomatoes are also helpful in repelling asparagus beetles.Good plants to pair with tomatoes are basil, carrots, chamomile and marigolds but keep them separate from fennel and potatoes.