Little Bing Cherry Tomato


Growing Zones  9-11
  • Height:         18-24″
  • Width:          24-36″
  • Spacing:       24-36″
  • Design:        
  • Bloom Time: Spring to Summer
  • Location: Full sun
  • Water:  Average-consistent
  • Habit: Bush



Yields large amounts of flavor-filled, red cherry tomatoes. Best in containers. Fruit sets and ripens over a period of a few weeks.60-65 dayLittle Collection features compact determinate tomato plants with a compact, tidy habit and healthy green foliage that looks good in the store and on the patio. At less than 2 ft./61 cm tall, this tasty trio flourishes in mid-size containers, stays a manageable size and produces lots of tomatoes at the peak of Summer.
Compact plants, with a tidy habit and healthy green foliage, are appealing in gardens and patios. At less than 24″ tall, plants flourish in containers, stays a manageable size and produces lots of tomatoes in a period of a few weeks for a large harvest. Fruits are delicious fresh or in your favorite recipes. Small trellises can be used if needed. Yields large amounts of 1″, flavor-filled, red cherry tomatoes.

Dandelions are another good plant to have in your tomato patch believe it or not. Tomatoes are susceptible to fusarium wilt, which is a soil borne fungal disease and dandelions can help keep this in check.Plant tomatoes along side of radishes, spinach, lettuce and turnips to help shade them from the hot sun. Though there is some debate, cabbage and cauliflower may benefit from having tomatoes close because they discourage flea beetles from nibbling. Some sources will contend that planting cabbage with tomatoes will hinder the growth of the tomatoes. Most gardening requires some trial and error to figure out what works best for your environment. Tomatoes are also helpful in repelling asparagus beetles.Good plants to pair with tomatoes are basil, carrots, chamomile and marigolds but keep them separate from fennel and potatoes.