Sweet Rainbow Sweet Pepper

Capsicum annuum 

Growing Zones 9-11
  • Height: 24-36″
  • Width:  24-36″
  • Spacing:  24-36″
  • Fruit Size:  5-7″
  • Days to Maturation:  70 days
  • Location :  Full Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Fertilizer:  Average






Now you can enjoy sweet bell peppers in all the glorious colors and flavors available today — without paying expensive supermarket prices for “gourmet” peppers or buying half a dozen packets of seed! We have hand-blended, exclusively for Park customers, a mix of the finest variety of each color. Consisting of 5 hybrids and 2 open-pollinated types, this mix assures you of big, thick-walled, blocky bells in every color. We selected not only for appearance but uniform harvest time and superb disease resistance, so these varieties all mature within a week of one another and are vigorous garden performers. Economical and downright exciting, this is — in our opinion — the finest mix of sweet bells available anywhere!  Open Pollinated. Plant produces good yields of colorful sweet bell peppers. Includes a quality mixture of brown, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow peppers. Suitable for salads, stuffing, freezing, and frying.

Disease resistant:

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