Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper

Capsicum annuum 

Growing Zones 3-11
  • Height: 18-24″
  • Width: 18-20″
  • Spacing:  12-18″
  • Days to Maturation:  70-75 Days
  • Location: Full Sun
  • Water:  Average




Thick walls and turn from green to purple when mature. Productive pepper plant with attractive deep purple fruits! Purple Beauty is an open-pollinated variety with sweet taste and 3×3″ block shaped fruits. Pick when pepper is purple or wait for it to turn deep red when its mature which happens late in the season. This purple pepper can add that extra kick to your salads or meals. Also a great pepper for container gardening. Special purple color for gourmet chefs. Fruits are blocky, thick-walled and dark purple. Compact plants set heavily, with good cover to protect fruits from sunscald.  These purple peppers are guaranteed to spark conversation in the garden and on a dinner plate. Colored a rich, deep purple, they have terrific sweet bell flavor to go with their good looks. Peppers start green, shift to white, and then develop purple stripes that eventually cover the whole fruit. The purple skin contrasts beautifully with lime green flesh. It’€™s a stunning combination that really dresses up fresh veggie trays, sandwiches, salads, and other dishes.  This pepper tolerates high heat and humidity and thrives in Southern gardens. Plants grow 18 to 24 inches tall and bear fruit until frost. Space plants 20 to 24 inches apart. Merlot is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and bacterial leaf spot races 1, 2, and 3.  Heirloom

Disease resistant:  TMV,  BLS1,2,3

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