Big Bertha Sweet Pepper

Capsicum annuum 

Growing Zones 9-11
  • Height: 24-36″
  • Width: 12-18″
  • Spacing:  18-24″
  • Fruit Size:  7″
  • Days to Maturation:  72 days
  • Location :  Full Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Fertilizer:  Average





The largest elongated bell pepper available! Thick-walled, 7-inch long fruit ripen to red. Plants are disease resistant. Ideal for giant stuffed peppers. Big Bertha plants in Alabama test garden produce 7 to 12 pounds of peppers each over a harvest season that runs from May through October. Obviously, your results will depend on care and the length of the warm season in your locale. This is a big plant, so use a tomato cage or stakes to support because when the stems get heavy with big fruit, they can break in wind or rain. Big Bertha produces thick, crisp peppers that are extremely sweet and mature dark green to shiny red. They don’t produce many seeds, making them excellent for slicing. For maximum flavor, eat the same day they are picked. Easy to grow in any garden, give them plenty of sunlight and water.

Disease resistant:  TMV

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