Cheyenne (Patio) Pepper

Capsicum annuum 

Growing Zones 9-11
  • Height: 24-36″
  • Width: 24-36″
  • Spacing:  12-48″
  • Days to Maturation:  55-80 Days
  • Location: Full Sun
  • Water:  Average




This wonderful patio pepper has attractive wrinkled fruits avg 8-9″ with moderately thick walls. Flavor is excellent-fruits are both sweet and moderately hot. Excellent for frying and in salsas. High-yielding, medium-sized plants.  Cheyenne is a relaxed habit multi branching Chilli that has a very attractive habit producing a heavy crop of 4inch green peppers that matures through bright orange all over the plant.  The relaxed compact branching habit of Cheyenne plants make it a very attractive plant in the garden. The fruits are a little Pungent measuring 40,000shu (Scoville heat units) which is similar to Jalapeono type. The habit of Cheyenne makes it a superb choice for pots and containers as well as open ground, used fresh, canned, pickled, dried, ornamental

30,000-50,000 Scovilles