Bush Crop Cucumber

Cucumis  sativus

Growing Zone
  • Height:    18-24″
  • Width:      24-36″
  • Spacing:   24-36″
  • Design Role:

  • Location : Full Sun to part sun
  • Water: Average
  • Fertilizer:  Average
  • Growth Habit: Bush




Burpless cucumbers with delectable flavor and huge yields are almost unheard-of, but that’s what Garden Sweet brings to the table!  Fruit is straight and cylindrical for easy slicing. Eat these delicious cukes fresh, pickled, or sliced into salads. Excellent for small gardens and containers.Tslender and cylindrical, with faint stripes on the necks and a deep green, smooth, thin skin. Perfect for slicing, Garden Sweet Burpless gives you an extra bite in every cuke! This plant resists downy and powdery mildew, which certainly contributes to its generous yields over a long season. It is easy to grow; simply direct-sow the seeds in spring after the soil has warmed, or begin them indoors 4 weeks before last frost. Work the soil well, amending it with organics so that it is rich and consistently moist. Then set 3 or 4 plants on each hill, mulch them in well, and keep them watered and fed throughout the growing season. You can pick the cukes smaller if desired. It’s that simple! Companion plants: Radish, Corn, Peas, Beans, Nasturtium, Sunflower”Bush Pickle” cucumber plants produce an abundance of short, stocky cucumbers, referred to as pickling cucumbers, on a compact plant. Unlike traditional cucumber plants, bush cucumber plants produce short vines and require little space to grow. “Bush Pickle” cucumbers, a variety of bush pickling cucumbers, produce cucumbers that reach a length of 5 inches, and are used for both pickling and eating fresh in garden salads. “Bush Pickle” plants produce short vines that spread 24 to 36 inches from the base of the plant, making them ideal for growing in areas where space is limited. Like other cucumber plants, “Bush Pickle” prefers full sun in a well-drained location and thrives in summer gardens across the United States