Russian Tarragon

Artemesia dracunculus 

Growing Zones 4-9
  • Height: 12-36″
  • Width: 18-24″
  • Spacing:  18-24″
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Location: Full Sun
  • Water:  Average




Being native to prairies, and rocky, barren environments, Tarragon will make its home in the poorest area of your garden. It needs full sun and prefer dry, rocky or gravel or sandy soil. They are perfect for growing in containers near the kitchen door. Once started, these plants will grow well with little or no attention. The flavour of Russian Tarragon may not be so pronounced as its French counterpart but is it is a much more hardy plant that prefers poor soils and can cope with a bit of neglect. It produces lots of leaves, which can be used for a milder flavour. The plant divides easily and can be grown easily from seed.   Tarragon is one herb that tends to do better in the ground than in pots. When planting in the ground, choose a sunny well-drained location. Plants benefit from a good fertilising at the start of the growing season. Work some crab meal or aged chicken manure into your soil.

Regular using and cutting of plants early in the season develops a desirable compact growth habit. Tarragon’s roots will tightly intertwine and it can choke itself out if not divided every one to two years.

In the winter cut plants down to the ground to induce fresh growth.