Ginger Variegated Mint

Mentha sativa gentilis

Growing Zones 5-9
  • Height: 12-18″
  • Width: 12-24″
  • Spacing:  24″
  • Bloom Time: Mid-Late Summer
  • Location: Sun-Part Shade
  • Water:  Average





Gorgeous, marvelously flowering, aromatic mint plants will rock your rock or herb garden. Offering up a show of pink blooms in spring, ornamental 12″ plants put on a colorful season-long show of lightly-variegated, gold-flecked serrated leaves throughout the season, making for a pretty, fruit-scented groundcover in moist spots. Leaves, most flavorful when fresh, can be dried or frozen. Finely chopped leaves a colorful, flavor-booster for roast lamb; mint leaves make a tasty, healthy herbal tea. Harvest leaves young as most fragrant and flavorsome. Easy-to-grow plants are lovely in your garden or in a patio container in part- or full sun. Mint can be invasive, so many gardeners opt for pots or containers. To harvest, snip the top leaves first to encourage the plants’ leaves to shoot from the base. Remove older woody stems to allow newer and younger shoots to fill in. Mingle with lemon juice, salt and pepper to add wow-factor to fish or grilled meats. Feed your plants with bone meal twice a year for best performance. To keep your mints