Common Kitchen Sage

Salvia officinalis


Growing Zones 4-8
  • Height: 24-30″
  • Width: 24-30″
  • Spacing:  12-15″
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Location: Full Sun
  • Water:  Average to Low





Salvia officinalis commonly called sage, is the culinary sage familiar to most cooks. It also has excellent ornamental qualities, however. Variably called culinary sage, common sage or garden sage, this woody-stemmed, semi-shrubby perennial typically grows 1.5-2.5′ tall. Features whorls of two-lipped, lavender-blue flowers (to 1 inch long) in short, upright spikes in late spring. Wrinkled, gray-green leaves (to 4″ long) are strongly aromatic and are frequently used fresh or dried in cooking as a seasoning. A mint family member that is attractive to bees and butterflies.