Russian sage has become one of the new darlings for low maintenance perennial gardens. The tall airy plant has fragrant, grey-green foliage reminiscent of the Western sagebrush, with spiky lavender blue flowers. The most outstanding feature of this perennial is its carefree nature. You really can plant it and forget about it. It tolerates dry conditions and below average soil fertility, attracts butterflies, and isn’t bothered by insects or animals. Since it blooms from summer to fall it adds great foliage and flower color to the garden when few other flowers are blooming. It’s equally valuable grown en mass, looking like a purple haze in the garden when in bloom, to being grown near other bright colored annual and perennial flowers.Tall, airy, spike-like clusters create a lavender-blue cloud of color above the finely textured, aromatic foliage. This vigorous, hardy, heat-loving and drought tolerant plant resists deer and pests. A superb companion for perennials, succulents and ornamental grasses. Deciduous.