Sand Cherry Purple Leafed

Prunus cistena

Growing Zones 2-8
  • Height:        8 ft
  • Width:         8 ft
  • Spacing:     8 ft
  • Design Role:  Landscapes

  • Location: Full sun
  • Water: Average
  • Fertilizer:  Average
  • Growth Habit:   Upright, Spreading



Plum leaf sand cherry, also referred to as purple leaf sand cherry plants, is a medium sized ornamental shrub or small tree that when mature reaches a height of approximately 8 feet tall by 8 feet wide. This easy care plant makes a great addition to the landscape.This Prunus hybrid is useful as an ornamental specimen due to its beautiful red, maroon, or purple foliage. The shrub grows at a moderate rate and is suitable in USDA zones 2-8. The parent plants of sandcherry bush hail from Western Asia (Prunus cerasifera) and the Northeastern United States (Prunus pumila). This purplish-red leafed plant has an oval growth habit gradually maturing into an arched form and opening out from the center of the shrub. The stunning 2-inch long, serrated foliage emerges crimson-purple and remains throughout the summer, gradually changing to a green-bronze hue in the fall.