Bon Bon Orange Calendula (Copy)


Growing Zones 3-10
  • Height:    12″
  • Width:     8-12″
  • Spacing:  8-12″
  • Design Role: Filler

  • Location : Full Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Fertilizer:  Average
  • Growth Habit: Upright,



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‘Bon Bon’ produces a more diminutive plant, in height, width and flower size.Cheery yellow or orange, single or double daisy-like blooms 2 inches to 4 inches across, flower non-stop from late fall through spring in areas with milder winters. A carefree choice for spring and early summer color in colder climates. Bright yellow, double, somewhat branching, leaves are narrow and long, with rounded ends. Long asting cut flowers. Easily sown directly into soil in late summer or early fall (milder climates). Will do fine in moist soil, but requires good drainage. he International Herb Society has designated calendula as the Herb of the Year 2008. Calendula officinalis is an annual or shot-lived perennial herb in the daisy family (Asteraceae) originating from southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean area. It has long been cultivated and is a widespread garden escapee in cool, temperate climates. It has been used for many centuries for a range of culinary and medicinal purposes. This species has the common name pot marigold or English or Scotch marigold, which should not be confused with marigolds, which are several species of Tagetes. The related C. arvensis, field marigold, from southern Europe, is a branched annual species with 1” yellow or orange daisies.