Variegated Vinca Vine


Growing Zone 4-9
  • Height:        6-12″
  • Spacing:     23-36″
  • Width:         24-32″
  • Location:  Sun
  • Water:       Average
  • Fertilizer: 
  • Growth Habit: Trailing


Lotus berthelotii and Lotus maculatus are two species of trailing, frost tender perennials commonly referred to as lotus vine or parrot’s beak. Both species are notable for their silvery leaves, mounding growth habit and pealike, pointed flowers, which are available in shades ranging from golden orange, as seen in “Gold Flash” (Lotus maculatus “Gold Flash”) and bright fiery red, showcased in “Amazon Sunset” (Lotus x “Amazon Sunset”). Lotus vine requires frost-free conditions and specific cultural conditions in order to look its best.